Happy Coders – Best CRM software Development Company in Chennai provides custom CRM services based on client needs

Customer relationship management (CRM)  is one of Happy coders’ solutions to manage your company’s interaction with current and future customers.These Solutions analyze customers’ history with your company to improve business relationships with customers, maintain higher conversion rates and drive sales growth.

CRM is a perfect approach to maintain the relationship between your company and your customers. 

CRM systems help your business keep customer contact details up to date, track every customer interaction, and manage customer accounts. It is designed to help businesses improve customer relationships and a better understanding of their behaviors and the closest methods to satisfy their needs.

CRM systems gathers all the possible data about a customer’s history with your company, their feedbacks, and other useful data that definitely maintain your relationship with your customers and build loyalty through a long term relationship with your customers.

Below are some features of a solid CRM system : 

  • Contact Management.
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Email tracking and integration with Gmail and outlook.
  • Lead Management.

Reach your full Potential with Yetiforce

Yetiforce is one of the best advanced CRM solutions. It upgrades your company’s relationship with customers to the next level.It’s an open, innovative and complex system that has become a key to effective management in your company

Yetiforce Biggest Advantages :


Yetiforce is available everywhere in the world as long as you have internet access.


It can fit to any company regardless of the size or the business profile.

Mobile Friendly

A responsive system to all mobile devices


Rich features to provide your company with a complete set of the highest quality technological tools.

It can support your business by doing the following :

Best Reminder ever

Yetiforce helps you remember about meetings, tasks, calls, events, and flights and organize your contacts.

Your Managing Assistant

It manages all company processes, such as sales, projects, and storages.

Your Analytical Advisor

It analyzes all the data entered into the system, and creates different charts, tables, and graphs.

Yetiforce Best features :

One of the reasons why Yetiforce is one the best CRM solutions is its features and the way it is designed to complement each other and to support your business in all possible ways. Some of these features are :


By using advanced widget and Modules management system that allows users of your company to access the most vital information, and delivers the most up to date information.


It is used to plan and manage all your business activities by integrating it with all the functions needed for effective time management.

Companies and Contacts

It Consist of 6 modules ( Leads, Accounts, Partners, Vendors, Competitions and Contacts). It is the most important and the first priority feature to be filled.


It is a built-in email module, enables you to send and receive emails directly to your system with high security and ensures that all your emails are completely confidential.


It helps your business to control the sales process from the beginning to the end. It begins with an Opportunity that can end either with success and conversion to a Sales enquiry or with failure. The Force guides a user through the whole process, so nothing diverts your attention and you stop losing and start gaining.

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