File management software is designed to manage and protect all files in your system. It becomes a necessity to business nowadays to have a file management software as it helps to : 

  • Smoother Search: it makes searching for any documents in your system very easy and in no time. It saves your time and your effort.
  • Impossible to lose a file: Now it is time to not be afraid to lose any of your important files as your in control with your files 100%.
  • Accessibility: It makes the process of accessing any file pretty easy and smooth.
  • User Access : Each user will have access to certain files you want them to handle. It means unlimited level of confidentiality and security.
  • Bye Bye for Paper filing system: with a proper file management software , you no longer need a paper filing system. Every single file  is well stored, secured and saved.

Digitize your filling system with Nextcloud

Nextcloud is one of the best file management software to enable your business controls the data, makes sure all of these data is secured and available whenever needed. 

Nextcloud gives more attention and importance to security. It is very secure as it is self hosted which means your data’s security is guaranteed. 

Nextcloud increases your Team Productivity

It enhances your team productivity with an easy user interface on mobile, web and desktop and powerful communication capabilities such as :

  • Notifications of shares or comments on mobile devices.
  • The best tools to handle mail, appointments, tasks.

Security Comes first

With Nextcloud your business is literally in safe hands.Everything is secured, your files are secured, your data is secured and your business is secured. 

Why Nextcloud


You can control the privacy of each file and which user can access and see what file.


As it is self hosted servers, it is one of the most secured file management software in the globe.


Comparing to other software, it is cheap and can save for you a lot of money.

Workflow Management

It comes with Workflow features such as file access control and automatic file capture to help your system admins stay in control

Mobile Friendly

Fits to any mobile device.

Easier Search for your files

It becomes easier and smoother with Soundcloud to search for any certain file instantly.

Integration with Outlook

An Outlook Add-in is integrated to enable Nextcloud users to send files, folders or upload links to others from Microsoft Outlook.

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