HDFC: Your Reliable Payment Gateway Solution

HDFC Bank is a World-Class Indian Bank. It offers a reliable Payment Gateway solution coming with a solid platform to support multiple payment technologies and provide integrated flexible rules. It also provides secure access for real-time transaction monitoring and reports download. 

HDFC brings an ideal scenario to the table by offering a payment gateway solution that has all the technological infrastructure, system capabilities, credit facilities and expertise in place. A solution that can help you set up your electronic Web-store, with no problems or headaches.

Benefits of HDFC Payment Gateway

  • It supports VISA and MasterCard transactions
  • 100% chargeback facility
  • Cost Reduction
  • It accepts 15 international currencies.
  • It provides Integration with existing applications and Support for various shopping cart applications.
  • 24/7 customer support. 
  • A user-friendly interface.
  • Instant access to funds position and account statement.

Either you are a Brand or a Starter, HDFC serves you

Business-to-Business HDFC offers one of the best Gateway solutions for Industries and Companies whose targets are suppliers or dealers and involves a huge sum of money. It provides seamless real-time transfer of funds transacted on the portal. HDFC has a dedicated HELP DESK along with 24/7 maintenance with efficient back-up.
Retailers and Startup businesses HDFC offers a Direct Pay as an option For Retail companies whose end target is the consumer. Our Payment gateway services enable a web site to collect and transfer credit card information to a specific processing network. Direct Pay facility is an e-age banking channel where the purchases are debited directly to the customer’s account and credited to the website where the purchases were made.  HDFC Bank offers the highest level of security for your business whether you are just starting or a considered brand. HDFC Payment Gateway still fits your business.

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